Relaxing Himalayan Bath

I have a weekly bathing ritual. This signifies the change from the working week to relaxing weekend. Finding a few moments (15 minutes) of pure self indulgence to Tibetan gong meditation gets me sleep ready.

Using a bath gong meditation changes your brain waves and prepares you for sleep.

We are all born in saline, and the added oils and vitamins helps replenish the skin, heal those bits and bobs and can help change the mood. Vanilla is a known mood booster and is said to have similar effects to antidepressants at significant quantities. Here we are microdosing.

Pink Himalayan salts help remove impurities from the skin, balances the Ph of your skin and has some cleansing effect. Vitamin C helps the skin heal itself.

What you need

500g – 1kg Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

A few drops of scented and natural essential oil

A few drops of vanilla essence

Dried rose petals

2 teaspoons vitamin C powder


How to Bathe

1. Before bathing ensure you have rinsed your body and hair to remove any products.

2. Water should be warm but not hot

3. Add the salts, vanilla essence, essential oils, rose petals and vitamin C powder.

4. For a more intense experience add a higher quantity of salt. This can increase your heart rate, so use less than 500g and consult a doctor if you have heart problems.

5. Agitate the water.

6. Start Tibetan gong meditation.

Gong Bath for Relaxation

7. Soak for 15 minutes. Focus on your experience soaking all parts of your body. Maintain breathing exercises.

8. For an optimal skin improving experience air dry, do not towel.

9. Shower the following morning, or 12 hours after your bath.

Sourcing Product

eBay is a great place to source your products. You can buy 5Kg for £8 including postage. Vitamin C powder can be obtained for £3/200 g.