You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm


We all have baggage, and the most significant of these is the relationships and people we carry in our rucksacks of life. And those rucksacks are heavy.

In mine, and in my never ending cuddly bear attitude to life, is a lot of plate spinning. Keeping everyone happy and to their own needs is exhausting. A lot of people pleasing.

Sometimes I have learned it is okay to let out authentic negativity. It’s also okay to do and then ask for forgiveness. This is about exposing my reality to someone else, emotionally, verbally, physically.

The one thing that we may come to regret is the judgement of others. Yesterday at work I had a problem with inventory and I let the first person I could find know that I wasn’t happy about it. It wasn’t this persons fault and I wasn’t blaming them; I just wanted the problem fixed. They took it personally.

I wanted people to present solutions. I wanted people to let go of coming solely with problems.

Healthy intimate contact between people comes when one person shares their reality with the other, and the other comprehends it without judging or trying to change it

Pia Melody

The only way to stop people pleasing is through the exposure of reality. It is about letting honesty out. And if people can’t handle the truth, then that’s probably not worth having in your rucksack of life.