I had more ideas before breakfast than you had all week

ADHD Awareness

In the mornings I find myself pacing. Trapped in my own mind ideating, thinking, walking, pacing. My best thoughts, motivations, conversations come when I move.

This endless restlessness, this goulash of thoughts, ideas potential actions dominate my pre morning.

When on the phone I pace around the office, often getting lost in conversation. My brain never stops. My soul never stops feeding it emotions.

The trigger is my motivations; my passion to ideate and solve.

Speak out

The real difficulty I have is bringing these thoughts into words. My brain is ten times faster than my mouth. I can suddenly, erratically, momentarily come to a decision.

Some call this impulse. I call this moving literally and figuratively.

The trouble in a life with more ideas and dreams than possible actions, is that many things never come to fruition. Which generates navel gazing, soul searching and inaction.

More often than not I find it better just to do something rather than ruminate. This often leads to random sets of actions without purpose, meaning or strategy.

But in a world where I could endlessly attempt to plan and fixate on specific outcomes, maybe actions that come from are the gear at the space between restlessness and outcome.