Actions speak louder than words


“This is a programme of action” these were the words my former sponsor repeated at me as if to burn them into my soul.

Our words inspire and relate, but it is only actions that create a result.

All my life actions are currently in a Trello. This is a tool to place actions into categories and keep track of things. I review this at the start of each day. And i think about the next best action; chase, complete, prioritise, reprioritise, JFDI.

Down the avenue of taking actions to complete a task I often finding myself asking “when is enough is enough”. We reach dead ends.

Last night I was watching 24 to complete a marathon. And there are two scenarios in which action and dead ends come to life.

The presidents in two scenarios faced two absolute actions and choosing between them was impossible. The reality is there is never an absoloute choice; the gift to overcoming something is creating options and solutions. And taking action. The best one and working your way down until you need more options.

So often I hear should, would, could, would like, it would be nice if… but the outcomes will never be achieved without action.

The distance between dreams and reality is called action


I started with all the boring actions, and all going well, soon I will be able to start the fun projects. Never forget that taking action needs physical, spiritual and material nourishment.

And all actions are an experiment we can’t truly know all possible outcomes or consequences.

And it is with that some of my problems are disappearing. Over the hill, cross every stream, til you find your dream.

And it with that I am reminded of what sometimes is a dead end in what I would call my activism has further options.

All I need is action, after all being activist requires action.