Childhood is the sleep of reason


Recently I’ve been working around a lot of people a decade or so younger than me. It is a little refreshing.

In the midst of my 30s, by which means is not old I am reminded of the differences in conversation.

Around me, I talk relationships, fertility, family issues, illness, challenges, rising bills, work related stress, childcare, retirement plans, wills and so on. It’s very adult.

And I am reminded by a friend that by the time I am 40 I should be a conservative, wounded by the pessimism of the world and seeking nothing more than tax relief from the world around me.


Taking me back, to when I took exams, left school, chose a job, did side gigs, snuck out. The world was full of optimism.

As I overhear the conversations of who’s partying with who, how awful the hangover is, and how loves sting has bitten someone young. I remind myself of that great belief; that there is much ocean ahead.

And as I breathe in, suddenly choppy waters become an ocean full of opportunities to explore, with little responsibility to care for.

And I am reminded, no matter the weight of todays challenges, taking a leaf out of my younger colleagues. There is so much more ahead, so much more time. The worlds an oyster.

And then I settle down to the thought of becoming a radical socialist at 40!