Everyday I’m spinning plates, providing attention and care to each one to keep them moving. The trouble is I can’t always be sure who is helping the plate spinner spin.

Balance, or as I prefer to put it, constantly rebalancing and finding new balance is a fine art. And day to day it can feel like I am facing a new antithesis to my thesis.

When I’m the midst of rebalancing, changing, moving, it’s hard to find that anchor that keeps one thing still and provides the stillness of the eye in the middle of the storm.

Who can I count on?

Space and time! In the middle of everything is space and time. Allocating, prioritising it, giving it, receiving it, allowing myself to have it.

When there’s a lot of plates spinning, not all of them need spinning. Most can be left unattended. In the midst of all the noise there is very little I need to do, even less than I am accountable for, and even smaller what people will actually remember me for in the future.

At the start of January I gave myself a flavour of everything I wanted to do, everything that needed to change and everything on my worry and bother list.

It was long and I felt lost.

And then I made this simple decision; I don’t need to change anything, instead I’ll let it unravel. I’ll let the path unfold in front of me and let go of my own perception and emotions attached to each turn, step, diversion as I came across it.

So what is balance?

I found myself preaching about balance and how I needed to find it and assumed it was a zen state of everything harmoniously working simultaneously.

90% of the time that never happens in life.

So I redefined it; balance is attending only to what is needed there and then in the moment, and an acknowledgement of future actions required to get to an end state or goal.

Balance then, isn’t about spinning the plates, but about picking which ones need to be spun now. And working out the sequence to keep the plates spinning. That way I’m not spinning them all at once.

And just like that

I realised what was a tall order, didn’t need to be done all at once. In fact, for all my anxiety and worry, things will probably work out just fine. A to B is not a straight linear path. Despite what I like to think.