Hope is like the sun. If you only believe it when you see it, you won’t make it through the night.

Princess Leia, Star Wars

Princess Leia is undoubtedly my favourite character from Star Wars. Without veering too much into gender studies and roles in Hollywood, she was the only leader out of all the resistance to see things through all the way to the end.

When all hope was lost, she was the character to keep shit together in the form of a small hodgepodge of people, the last of the resistance to spark a light in the darkness.

It is not ruthless ambition that brings power. But it the relentless living and pursuit of hope.

Peckham Streetart, since shamelessly defaced.


We often underplay hope, the brave and the true heroes. Keeping shit together is a balance between pragmatism and blind faith. And emotionally it is a hard journey.

Often the greatest prizes come at the greatest costs. Keeping my shit together through that process is hard.

I cannot count the times in my life when I felt so emotionally disturbed that I needed to head to the nearest toilet cubicle, my safe haven of choice, to let out the steam. Process whatever it was I’m going through and continue.

It is always important to me to be completely honest and self aware of my emotional state. And to also let that play out in life. There is no strength in displaying strength all the time.

Making choices

When making choices I use inspiration from different leaders:

  • Do I need to do this right now / what’s the cost of doing nothing right now?
  • What are the alternatives?
  • What do I feel and think is right?
  • Have I exhausted all avenues?
  • Have I asked for help / sought advice?
  • Have I explored every Avenue?
  • Can I live with the cost of this decision?
  • Is it better just to make the decision now and fix forward if I am wrong?
  • Is there an opportunity later to undo something?
  • Have I spoken to someone about my feelings?
  • Am I catastrophizing or projecting hope?

Often when I can’t keep my shit together I have to reason with myself that right now doesn’t really matter. Almost anything can be redone, remade, undone, changed.

When the potential outcomes are limitless, there often isn’t room to project the future in a realistic way.

The real challenge is just to step back, and realise that now is not next. The next is made by the next step.

And on that note, keep moving. Keep going. Keep making choices or not. In the infinity that could happen, anything could.