I’m a bizarre twist to life. I’m hearing a lot about doors at the moment. My neighbours had to break into the communal area as they’d locked themselves out. My flat door is being retrofitted for fire safety. According to astrology, the one I list after is behind a cream door somewhere that I need to open.

All of there’s doors are lost or broken in someway. Defective, unsafe, insecure. I travel through them everyday.

And I found myself thinking; when was the last time I walked through the door in to a new space. When was the last time it was somewhere joyful. Somewhere new. Somewhere beautiful.

And that just hasn’t happened recently. The doors I have walked through have had troubles, issues, pain, worries. I haven’t been through a fun door in a while.

And last night I promised myself; one thing. I’m gonna go away somewhere random, and somewhere cheap for a long weekend. It doesn’t matter where. Just somewhere new.