Over the weekend I was out and about in London Town enjoying a birthday meal out to live music, exploring the Tate Modern and catching up with people in the real world.

In one of the conversations I had; my friends and I spoke about the dreams that we had recently been having.

I believe that dreams show what our inner conscience is really processing. How we store and process the days emotions, memories, feelings, in complete freetime, accessing our most creative selves and parts of our brain.

Scientists don’t really know what the purpose of dreaming is, some say they don’t have a purpose.

But in our evolutionary model of the human; they must have a purpose; otherwise why we wouldn’t have evolved with the capability to dream. We also know that dreams are powerful emotional triggers; standing naked in front of an audience, teeth falling out, flying, being a spy, having extraordinary powers.

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One of my friends said that they had a dream where they felt that they showed up in front of an audience wearing clothes that didn’t fit in and being completely unpreprepared. We both thought this was social anxiety and a fear of not fitting in.

We both had dreams about our teeth falling out. Some of mine are incredibly vivid and I watch my mouth as my teeth crumple away and fall out of my mouth. I really feel a strong sense of loss and anxiety whenever o have this dream.

Anxiety is a common emotion associated with dreams; and think about it – we’ve all had dreams like loosing our teeth, being naked, taking an exam, breaking up with someone. We’re all carrying around a lot of unprocessed anxiety.

Secrets & avoidance

One of my reoccurring dreams is that I am a spy, running from some kind of threat and trying to return to my spymaster.

I’m fighting against the odds, and all the obstacles, to get whatever information I have back to my spymaster. My life is in danger. Everytime I have this dream I wake immediately up on a cliffhanger, with adrenaline pumping round my body.

Spies are normally a sign of lies, manipulation, secrets.Equally if I’m running from something, I’m avoiding something!

What’s oddest about this dream is that my inner self carries some good puprose and that I am trying to achieve some higher aim. So in spite of the secrets and manipulation, there is some good there.


We all agreed that sex dreams were incredibly vivid and life-like. I once passed out on the sofa and had a very vivid and seemingly real dream that I started to have sex with one of my straight housemates. And it seemed everyone had had one.

Sex dreams are probably part of our desire manifesting itself, as well as self confidence and exploration of our sexy side.


One of my friends said their dreams had changed recently; they were flying upwards, carefree. I had a dream last night, in which I had gained superpowers, which others would not let me use to help avoid disaster in a distant location.

Both are reference to a new found power, freedom and liberation. Mine had a deep expression of a constraint. Moreover, I wasn’t physically restrained but my mutual agreement. Which is kind of interesting.


I’ve decided I want to keep a dream journal, to help me interpret my subconscious processing. In our lucid dream like state, we’re accessing a creative freespace, in which our brains are firing all over the place.

In the state of dreaming, inventions and ideas such as Google, DNA, theory of relativity, Frankenstein all came to life; and some of the art I saw in the Tate was directly related to lucid interpretations by the artist of the world around them.

Who knows what I might discover?

The most common dreams and their meaning

I’ll borrow someone else infographics; but aside from our dreams in the real world; we all need to take action to acknowledge and process our dreams in our sleep.

Courtesy: Infographic of the day.