Recently my attention has turned to heat, warmth and keeping cosy. In London at the moment we’re in a cold spell; they always show up. The air is lovely and crisp. The skies clear. The misty fog shows it’s head and both sunrise and sunset are spectacular.

But the truth is that you can’t take away from the fact that it’s cold. I can’t take away from the fact that as lovely as a cold bed is to sleep in, it’s not easy to rise from it.

And I’ve found myself downing tubs of ice cream, comfort food, warm drinks, wrapped in blankets, turning up the heating a little bit more. Just to find heat; or rather comfort.

I’ve been running for comfort when I’ve felt outside of my comfort zone or uncomfortable; returning to old pastures where I can cosy up rather than stretch and grow.

I’ve been avoiding exercise, diet, routine, people, relationships, dating because at the bottom of my stomach is fear. The only heat that I have right now in my life is a few work deadlines, but which I need to complete. Even these are kind of comfortable; maybe it’s time to turn down the heat. And find a little discomfort.