Forget your troubles and dance them away


Last night was a work do. I was slightly trepidous to be around 100’s of people drinking in an environment that I knew no one. How would I actually talk to people?

It was a busy evening in which I got down to my black tie suit, made myself up and had my first haircut in a while.

For so long I had wanted live music and the opportunity to have a little dance. Dance to me is like releasing all forms of energy; fun, sexual, joy, self-sexuality and removal of awkwardness.

Release the soul

I often find myself in the same routines, meetings, places and people. Dance is an impromptu opportunity to move and let the body flail about. A way of releasing the souls in the moment.

A view from the bridge

It was also a way of overcoming my relived experience of showing up to work functions as *that person* who had had a little too much to drink, swaying and slurring and obnoxiously loud.

But not tonight – network darlings.

Making a tit of myself

I’m not sure if I won the favour of others; but in this post lockdown world it’s incredibly hard to remember the basics of networking and forming new relationships.

Those moments

I walked over to the CEO of the organisation and made a complete a tit of myself; in Bridge Jones style I completely froze and couldn’t really say anything. But I could smile and express gratitude.

But never mind, there is nothing that can’t be achieved with a big smile, the release of soul, a sprinkling of gratitude and a dose of positivity. Good news: I did manage to network a little, once over the initial nerves.

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