The people with the best advice have usually been through the most


Yesterday I started the day relatively early. My new resolve is to get my suggestions complete over the start of the day and rise nice and early. As the days get shorter it will be more important to maintain routine, keep mood up and take Vitamin D.

I had a very quick cycle along to South Ken, where a friend was an hour late for brunch which provided an opportunity to write a short story about an estranged father separated from his son set in Norway and New Zealand.

A very expensive Avocado toast. Photo edit: Pexels.

Feeling a little out of place, and having spent £25 on some really expensive Avacado toast. I followed my fellow fellows to the SRC meeting on step 11. I may have accidentally lied to my sponsor; I find meditation the hardest discipline.

My sponsor provides me with a list of suggestions to follow, which provides that balance between maintaining independence and having something always there to support me when I need to share.

I am not invincible, I am not an Island

I am neither invincible or the worlds strongest man, but I use perspective to understand and heal myself. Perspective will come from the love, care and sharing of others. I need to listen.

No man is an island. Photo credit imgshutr.

I decided to leave fellowship and cycle home for a wonderful round of Deliveroo, but ended up with a puncture. I was close to tears. I don’t think I was upset just emotionally muddled as the day had been such a mix of things. Being my main income until my job starts next month, life is a little on edge. And I really want to enjoy the autumn before job starts.

What am I trying to control today?

Was I trying to control myself? Was I trying to control what I needed to do? What was my HP thinking?

All the shops were closed so I went home on the train and consoled myself with virtual fellowship, fish and chips and some ice cream!

Tomorrow will be another day, I thought, and I will be able to fix my bike up and be on the road again.

Today I am greatful for the connection I am able to make to others, for the ability to hit reset to find the moment and for suggestions which I can use to improve my recovery.

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