The joy of life is made up of seemingly obscure mundane victories that give us our own small satisfactions

Billy Joel

Sometimes I really appreciate boring horrible days where there’s nothing else to do but life admin.

Today I chipped out all of the ice from my freezer, which had been building up for a while (there’s a metaphor there – let me know if you get it). This small act was a pain in the backside to get done but I now have a gorgeous, hygienic, eco friendly and tidy refrigerator.

Stop avoiding, start doing

I then turned to bills and the inbox and slowly filed away all the stuff that needed to be kept and all that which needed to be thrown away. I finally spoke to my neighbour to help me get my water meter fixed.

I called the bank and the water people, stuff I had avoided because I didn’t want to own up to the fact that my situation was changing.

I got out my phone and began to randomly dial fellows from my recovery black book. And finally I managed to make a connection.

Money doesn’t make us happier but it does make life easier

Having gone from rag to riches to rag to riches to self made, getting jobs, earning commission, healthy bonuses, Paying off debts, consolidating debts, receiving payouts, asking for money, giving money, it will always flow as it is needed. And from feeling suicidal about my debts I now know that the only person who was genuinely going to kill myself over money was myself.

As long as I keep chipping away at the ice and the life admin I will always make progress.

Today I am grateful for a recovery that provides me with the will, discipline and gratitude for getting the shit done that I previously avoided and creating the solid foundation for a future of my dreams. Once the house is in order, the mind follows, and so does life.

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