The secret of your success is hidden in your daily routine


What are those things each day we bookend? What are those small moments of passion, pleasure, indulgence and no-stop bliss that we always have to do.

Our passions are already in front of us. We do them everyday. Mine is coffee, food, exercise, prayer, socialising, environment and so on.

Throughout recovery I’ve placed much emphasis as possible on living my own values and holding myself to account in them.

This started with an audit of my own value and how I lived upto them. What were my values:

  • Empathy
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Human rights
  • Food
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family & Friends
  • Generosity
  • Photography
  • Wellness
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drag

The list went on and on. But the most important thing was the audit. My bank account tells me how much I spend each month by category. I’d highly recommend Revolut for all the incredible features. Yes you pay for the card but what you get is so much more!

On auditing my accounts I realised that I wasn’t very generous. My total giving to charity was zero. I took action to give to a different charity each month and set up regular payments to those aligned with my values. Over Christmas Revolut gave my spare change to Rainforest Conern – about 100 euros. I didn’t even notice it was gone!

I’m not supposed to reveal the hood I do, but I’m going to use the promotion of giving by your spare change to needy causes as a moment where I can increase impact!

Mindfulness of action

In this example I’ve highlighted how I:

  1. Understood my intent
  2. Audited my actions to understand how I was living up to them
  3. Made a correction to my daily actions to live up to my value
  4. Continued to audit and understand my impact

Mindfulness isn’t just about breathing or rolling about a grape on a table. It’s about bringing our full attention to each action and the emotion it brings, the sense it has and the impact of what we’re doing.

Human autopilot is dangerous.

So often we’re on autopilot we forget what it is we are doing. There are loads of micro actions

we can take everyday to live up to our values. Even small things like switching cleaning products to sustainable products, making a call to someone each day, joining a political party, joining a Meetup group was a baby step to a much bigger picture: Me.

Our small actions add up over time, but be careful not to overwhelm ourselves

One of the biggest areas of change in my life has been physical wellness. It’s taken a decade of change to get the body I want, the weight I want and the diet I want.

I couldn’t run more than a kilometre, certainly not up a big hill, I couldn’t do more than six press ups and weighed 105kg (nearly 18th one) at my peak weight.

I took lots of small actions;

  • When I worked at McDonald’s I had bunless burgers, sugar free drinks
  • I walked everywhere
  • I took the stairs and climbed the escalator instead of standing still
  • I got a job where I had to exercise; Deliveroo
  • I switched meals, diets, got rid of meat, tried fasting, joined a slimmers club
  • I started with six press ups and today got to 100

I found out what worked for me. I did Big Bang and small bang change. Throughout that process I took on what worked, what didn’t I let go of and always kept moving, changing.

Sunrise in London

Another change is my daily routine, I never used to be a morning person but now capture the 7am sunrise in London whilst running up one of the steeped hills in South London.

I love this change; I now start a day with a massive rush of endorphins.

The most important thing is to only take on change I can manage or which feels just a little outside my comfort zone.

So I’ll ask you this; what’s the one small change you will make today, tomorrow, the next to change your life?

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