The only limit to your impact is your commitment and imagination

Anthony Robbins

Earlier in the week I attended a workshop on avoidance. Avoidance is a technique I deploy to avoid taking action, overcome anxiety and embarrassment or to simply procrastinate.

We can make no impact in life without first dreaming and then committing to action. How often I have heard friends say, or myself, “One day”, “I wish I could”, “Maybe another time”.

Over time I have learned that sitting on things without action leads me into the ether of nothingness. I am lost. And that action alone is not enough, commitment is just as important, seeing things through to the end. Or nearly complete.

Avoidance or procrastination; do something.

The Secret to building a life towards fulfill me the meant is to move towards it and not to stop taking action. To conjure, propagate, or manifest is one thing to walk the path of our dream by taking action is another.

In my career, for so long I would avoid having difficult discussions, making decisions or moving on. From 10 years of experience I’ve only learned this; keep moving.

The things I avoid:

  • Answering the phone in case it’s bad news
  • Meditation because I can’t sit still
  • The dentists because I get anxious in the chair
  • Making a decision because I worry to much about the outcome without actually knowing what the outcome will be
  • Letting people know I love them because I’m worried about emotional crowding
  • Following my passions and joys because that’s for other people, not failures like me
  • Trying something new because I’m worried it will deflate my ego
  • Talking to people I fancy because I think they are more attractive than me (Hint: it’s not up-to me whether others are attracted to me, like me or not)

Life really is too short

Moving to a growth based mindset, and an agile one has been a big thing. Basically jump off a cliff. Hope there’s a soft landing.

Enjoy the adrenaline or feeling the panic?

I’ve learned that most of the decisions I take will not kill me. Changing job, travelling, taking a holiday, eating chocolate, exercising, new phone, new bike and so on.

Some will. If I ever use again it will eventually kill me, metaphorically, physically, mentally.

Most importantly where there are mistakes. Move on and avoid the psychological freeze of staying still.

Rome wasn’t built overnight

Rome wasn’t built overnight, God even allowed itself 7 days to create all of creation, and 1000s of years to correct the actions of humans. Our dreams take time.

What are our dreams, anyway?

They are the epics in our life that we need to listen out for. They are the things we work on over a lifetime, follow our passions and hearts for. We accept poverty, riches, health and ill health for them. We accept compromises in other areas of our lives for the things, people, places we love.

I don’t know where I will be in 10 years and probably not tomorrow. But I know that as I broke my life, my heart, it all takes time to glue back together.

Sometimes piecing together our broken lives is like piecing together broken crockery. It’s fragile and takes time.

But I know this; as I work my recovery and take small steps I’m piecing it all together, it will take time and a lot of tools. But with imagination, creation and action I will get there.

You need some motivation

Motivational YouTube videos

When I am stuck, when I don’t feel motivated, when I don’t want to. I go and get some perspective and motivation.

There are so many motivating, fulfilling, brilliant life stories, shares, speeches available on YouTube, in 12 step fellowships.

I have created playlists for these moments to remind myself there is a world out there and I can get off my ass.

If you are breathing you can do something.

As I run around London, the sight of people with differing physical ability reminds me of my own good fortune, that I can move two legs in front of one another at a pace of about 4m45s a kilometre.

Today I will hold no feelings of I can’t, won’t, or shan’t do. I will trust in me. I will trust in others. When I fall, I will get back up.

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