Every great dream started with a dreamer

Learnings from a beginner in living life free of artificial stimulus.



I sat sitting a wee glass of Cava by the pool. The sound of the palm trees swaying in the wind. The soft ripple of water hitting the edge of the pool and draining. The sound of clacking as a sandal hit the heel of someone’s shoe. The crunch of the sand as I pressedContinue reading “Layers”


Many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity James Clear It’s almost a year since I felt that I wanted to end my life. And through that process I left my job, found a new one, quit any mind altering substance, started medication, received an ADHD diagnosis. I went toContinue reading “Burning”


I cannot sit still. My mind is flicking through 101 things simultaneously. Concentrating on anything is too much. Right now I want to go to the gym, cook, plan a party, work, complete my trainings, get my new bike, journal, blog, photograph, develop. But my head and my heart will not settle on one thing.Continue reading “Sunshine”

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