Every great dream started with a dreamer

Learnings from a beginner in living life free of artificial stimulus.


Number 1

“I would have broke my heart in two tryna save a part of you. Don’t wanna feel another touch. Don’t wanna start another fire. Don’t wanna know another kiss. No other name fallin’ off my lips. Don’t wanna give my heart away. To another stranger. Or let another day begin. Won’t even let the sunlightContinue reading “Number 1”


Ambition sometimes requires endless patience Over the past several years I have slowly been invalidated. Told I am an egotistical maniac, able to do nothing but sit and waste life away on the end of a pipe. When this becomes a reality; it is nothing more than a mirror than what I’ve lived through. AsContinue reading “Nothing”


If you’re not lost you haven’t really lived I managed to rise between shifts. Bed at 2am; taxi for work at 5:45am. It did seem a bit crazy, but it was just a half-day and it felt like I should try something new. I’m clutching at the straws wondering what many jobs could feel like,Continue reading “Lost”

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