Every great dream started with a dreamer

Learnings from a beginner in living life free of artificial stimulus.


The Power of Youth

Childhood is the sleep of reason Rosseau Recently I’ve been working around a lot of people a decade or so younger than me. It is a little refreshing. In the midst of my 30s, by which means is not old I am reminded of the differences in conversation. Around me, I talk relationships, fertility, familyContinue reading “The Power of Youth”

Emotional Exhaustion

A heart can only take so much Anon Coming to a grinding halt, with nothing but yourself is an exhausting realisation that actually I am tired of the bombastic series of events going in around me. I know when I’m emotionally exhausted when metaphorically; I’m on the floor, exhausted, feel nothing and am desperately reachingContinue reading “Emotional Exhaustion”


Time is a storm in which we are all lost William Carlos Williams Once upon a time I used to be obsessed with timestamps and the progression of an XML into data through physical and virtual time. I was obsessed with how this data was stamped, how long each process took. Each timestamp was aContinue reading “Timestamp”

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