Every great dream started with a dreamer

Learnings from a beginner in living life free of artificial stimulus.


Time to Dance

Forget your troubles and dance them away Anonymous Last night was a work do. I was slightly trepidous to be around 100’s of people drinking in an environment that I knew no one. How would I actually talk to people? It was a busy evening in which I got down to my black tie suit,Continue reading “Time to Dance”


When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves Buddha There are moments in our meetings when I scream the word “joy”, as it’s read out in the meetings. On several occasions I have been called out for startling those with neurodiverse conditions, complimented and given strange looks. In it’s definitionContinue reading “Joy”

Following suggestions

The people with the best advice have usually been through the most Anonymous Yesterday I started the day relatively early. My new resolve is to get my suggestions complete over the start of the day and rise nice and early. As the days get shorter it will be more important to maintain routine, keep moodContinue reading “Following suggestions”

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